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April 3, 2012

Done….. With The Twilight Series!

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What am I going to do now that I don’t have Twilight’s Bella and Edward to occupy my evenings?  I was probably one of the few people who really had no idea what this series was about! Sure, I knew that there were vampires involved, but that was about it. Where was I when everyone else (meaning the kids) was reading them? How did I miss the previews of the movie? This was just not my genre of choice. so I guess that I didn’t pay attention. Now I am a changed women! I read The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Twilight. I just can’t get enough of this young adult, fantasy stuff!

The first book, Twilight was sheer entertainment. It had it all: romance, fantasy and suspense. It wasn’t all fun and games, however as not all of the vampires were content to only drink the blood of animals like the Cullen clan.  I devoured the book and once I read the last line, immediately downloaded book two and three from the library.

Book two, New Moon was every bit as good as the first. Here come the werewolves or shape changers!  Like most teenage relationships Bella and Edward had their share of  drama, perhaps more than their share! When Edward realized that his family was no good for Bella and actually put her in harms away, he decided to leave, opening the door for Bella’s best friend Jacob Black to pick up the pieces. Talking about jumping from the frying pan to the fire! Bella sure knew how to pick them. So Jacob changed into a giant wolf from time to time! He was still her old friend Jacob, only bigger, stronger and much hairier!

In book three, Eclipse, Bella really finds herself in trouble. Not only is she involved in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf, she is also being stalked by an entire pack of blood suckers out for revenge. Fortunately both Edward and Jacob would do just about anything to keep Bella safe, even if it meant working together, something they both found distasteful. I was still hooked on these books. What was going to happen? Were Bella and Edward going to get married?  Was Bella going to actually become immortal. I really did not know and couldn’t wait to read the last book.

Sad to say, book four, Breaking Dawn was a disappointment. As much as I enjoyed the first three books, this one actually bored me.  Sure I wanted to know what happened and of course I had to finish it, but I found myself doing quite a bit of skimming.  My questions were answered yet I was not satisfied. Breaking Dawn was an anticlimactic end to a wonderful series.

March 23, 2012

Twilight By Stephanie Meyer : If Only I Were Seventeen Again………

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I would have not only loved this book, I would have fallen in love with Edward Cullen. Sure, he’s a vampire, but what teen age girl could resist his charm and mesmerizing good looks? The level headed Bella certainly couldn’t! Even after learning that the urge to bite her neck and suck her blood was every bit as strong as the urge to kiss her, Bella was hooked.

When Isabella (Bella) Swan’s mother remarried a minor league baseball player, Bella knew that her mother would want to travel with her husband, so Bella chose to leave sunny Phoenix and move in with her father in the small constantly cloudy town of Forks, Washington. As a child Bella had spent summers in Forks until she finally put her foot down refusing to go. She had always hated the place, but she loved her mother and did not want to hold her back.

The very first day of school, Bella found herself seated next to the mysterious Edward Cullen. Was it her imagination, or did he actually glare at her with hate in his eye?. Bella could not imagine what she had done to make him dislike her so. Only days later while standing in the school parking lot, Bella looked up to see an out of control car coming towards her. She was frozen and couldn’t move. Before she knew what was happening someone pushed her to safety. It was Edward and it seemed like he had appeared out of no where and stopped the car with his bare hands. Bella was determined to find out how he had done it. What was his secret? Why was the gorgeous Edward Cullen interested in Bella?

How much did I enjoy reading Twilight? Enough that I am now reading New Moon the second book in the Twilight series! There is something addicting about these books. Who doesn’t enjoy a romance novel with a twist. They are just plain fun to read, even if you are not seventeen years old. Twilight was a New York Times Best Seller within a month of being published. I can see why!

If I were 17 years old…. definitely a 5 omelet book!

35+ years later- 3 1/2 omelets

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