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January 16, 2012

Night Road: A Review By Barbara

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This past month we were fortunate to win copies of  Night Road  by Kristin Hannah.  Jude is a wonderful mother, although she is somewhat protective of her 18-year-old twins, Mia and Zach.  When Lexi, a former foster child with a dark past, enters their lives as Mia’s friend, Jude welcomes her since Mia had difficulty making friends.  Eventually Lexi and Zach fall in love, and the three teens experience partying and drinking during their senior year.  A tragic accident occurs which tears the family apart and has a deep impact on Lexi.  

 We had a spirited discussion about the book and its characters.  Most felt that the characters in the book were portrayed in an extreme fashion, and that the events were somewhat contrived.  However, some felt it was necessary for the author to do so in order to make her points.  For many of us, it brought back the angst of raising teenagers, and the struggle to be protective without hovering.   As made clear in the book, no matter what choices we make as parents, there is definitely luck involved in having our children survive the teenage years unscathed.

 Although the book itself did not get rave reviews from the group, it certainly led to an interesting discussion.  Some felt it would be helpful for teens to read the book to see what an impact drinking and driving can have, but others felt it was too extreme a situation, and that in any event most teens feel invincible, and that bad things will never happen to THEM.  We all agreed that communication with our kids is the best way to have an impact, although it certainly does not guarantee smooth sailing.


January 5, 2012

Meet Kristin Hannah,The Author Of This Month’s Book Night Road

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I just started reading Night Road and it is all coming back to me. Those  high school days, when my kids had just gotten their drivers licenses. Staying up late at night, waiting until the beep, beep of the door signaling me that they were home and I could go to sleep!  No more worries!

I have to admit that I have an uneasy feeling reading this book. I know that something bad is going to happen… I just don’t know what. Join us in reading Night Road.

December 14, 2011

This Month’s Book: Night Road By Kristin Hannah

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 Jude Farraday’s entire life revolved around her twins Mia and Zach. They were one happy family and only too happy to welcome into their lives Lexi, the new girl in town. Lexi had spent her early years living in one foster home after another.  It was not until her mother died and she went to live with her Great Aunt that she finally had a family of her own. Mia, Zach and Lexi became the best of friends  Unfortunately Jude discovers the hard way that it  is not easy to keep track of your children once they reach those teen age years and as much as you try to keep them safe there are somethings that are out of your control. One bad decision can change everything, and the conseqences can be devastating.

“You cannot read Night Road and not be affected by the story and the characters. The total impact of the book will stay with you for days to come after it is finished.” —The Huffington Post

Please join us in reading Night Road!

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