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February 28, 2014

The Friday Morning Bookclub Gives The Preservationist By Justin Kramon 4.31 Omelets

The Preservationist - Copy

Amazon readers gave The Preservationist 4.2 stars

Goodreads readers gave The Preservationist 3.52 stars

Compelling, riveting, unpredictable and frightening are just a few of the words our readers used to describe this psychological thriller. Check it out!

The Preservationist – Justin Kramon


February 9, 2014

Thank You Justin Kramon………

for meeting with us to discuss your new thriller, The Preservationist.

We thoroughly enjoyed the book, even if it was, as one of our members described it “a mother’s worst nightmare!” The Preservationist is a real page turner and will keep you guessing until the very end.  Justin’s first book Finny, is a delightful yet quirky coming of age story. Two very different books, one very talented and yes, charming author! Both Finny and The Preservationist are perfect for book clubs and if you ask Justin to join your book club, he may just say yes!

IMG_0095Unfortunately, we forgot to take s picture until after many of our members left, but here we are with Justin proudly showing off the cover of his newest book!

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February 3, 2014

Rate The Book: The Preservationist By Justin Kramon

Help us rate this months book. All votes and comments are welcomed!

January 27, 2014

The Preservationist……. Very Creepy……..In A Good Way!

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Just watching this trailer makes my stomach turn, a sensation I remember feeling as I read the book, yet I could not put it down. Julia Stilwell was a college Freshman at Stradler College in Pennsylvania. Because of a recent family tragedy she was somewhat isolated from her family and therefore very vulnerable. All she wanted was to put the past behind her and enjoy campus life, just like everyone else. Marcus Boley, a fellow student seemed like a nice enough guy and the two of them began to hang out. But when Sam, a thirty-nine year old man who worked at the campus snack bar became obsessed with Julia, things took an ugly turn.

Told in alternating voices The Preservationist will keep you guessing. Everyone has secrets, Julia, Sam and Marcus,… just don’t  know who to trust.  This is not your ordinary love triangle. The book is full of twists and turns and as for the end, I certainly did not see that coming!

Although I have a hard time imagining Julia, a college freshman falling for the Sam in the trailer, in the book it was totally believable.  And as a mother of a daughter……. this book really got to me! In fact if she was still in college, it would have made me a nervous wreck! I think I would have had to jump in the car and drive the five hours just to make sure she was okay.

A real page turner….and oh so creepy! Check it out!

The PreservationistJustin Kramon

BTW: is this how you pictured Julia? Sam?

January 7, 2014

The Preservationist By Justin Kramon…….In Three Words

The Preservationist - CopyThis month’s book The Preservationist was DARK, CREEPY and oh so TWISTED, but I could not put it down!

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

Real page turner

Frightening love triangle

Every mother’s nightmare…… got that right!!

who to trust?

Nature or nurture?

Fast paced thriller

A heart stopper

different from Finny!!

Compelling riveting unpredictable

How would you describe The Preservationist…in three words?

December 12, 2013

This Month’s Book: The Preservationist By Justin Kramon……..A Real Page Turner!

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Warning: If you plan to get anything done, do not start this month’s book! The Preservationist is a psychological thriller and oh so creepy!

The Preservationist - CopyJulia, a college freshman was working hard to rebound after a recent family tragedy. She couldn’t believe that she was actually in college and was excited about going out on her very first date with Marcus, a young man in one of her classes. And then there was Sam, the cute guy who worked in the snack bar and  “could have passed as a student if he were a couple years younger”. Both men had secrets…who could Julia really trust?

Please join us in reading The Preservationist!

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