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October 23, 2010

Molly Bruce Jacobs, Author of Secret Girl

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This week we are rating the book Secret Girl by Molly Bruce Jacobs. Secret Girl is Molly’s story. Molly grew up in an affluent neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. At the age of 13, Molly learned that she had a younger sister Anne, born with Hydrocephalus and mental retardation. Anne, a twin was placed in a private nursing home shortly after her birth and her parents had no contact with her for many years. In her 30’s, Molly, married with children decided to meet her sister for the first time, make her part of her family, and come to terms with the decision her parents had made years before.  

I was fascinated to come across Molly Bruce Jacobs web site. She is now an artist, living in Massachusetts. Check out her work!


October 20, 2010

Rate The Book: Secret Girl By Molly Bruce Jacobs

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We are methodically going back through our list of books and rating them. The further back we go, the harder it is to remember the book. Help us rate our books! Did you read Secret Girl? All votes and comments are welcomed!

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