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September 7, 2009

Win Free Books Through Random House!

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Next Month's Question
Does your book club usually wait until a book is out in paperback to buy it or do you find that you tend to splurge on the hardcover?

Submit your entries to:

Include your name and mailing address and you will automatically be entered to win free books!

August 1, 2009

Random House Question Of The Month

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By responding to the following question you will automatically be entered to win FREE Books. You must include your mailing address!  For book suggestions, reading group guides, book club tips, online chats, and contests you can visit the Random House Web Site

Next Month's Question
How does your reading group feel about books that are written as part of a series? Do you find that you have to read all of the books in the series or does that get to be too much for your book club to keep track of?

Submit your entries to:

July 19, 2009

Win Free Books through Random House!

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Next Month’s Random House Question: What is your favorite classic novel? What books have been on your list that you have never had the chance to read? If you truly love a book, do you read it more than once?
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