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May 22, 2010

Amandine By Marlena De Blasi

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I just recieved a book in the mail from Random House and it looks really intriguing!  The book Amandine takes place in Krakow, Poland. It is 1931 and 17 year old  Andzelika, an unwed mother gives birth to a baby girl with a heart defect. Her mother a Countess, thinking she is protecting her  daughter decides to take the baby at the age of 5 months to a convent in France to be raised by a governess, who names the child Amandine. “Amandine follows a young orphan’s journey in search of her heritage.” Marlena De Blasi is the author of two memoirs, A Thousand Days in Venice and That Summer in Sicily. This is her debut novel. I love a good historical fiction and that is why I am going to put Amandine on my Summer Reading List!



May 19, 2010

Very Interesting Question From Random House!

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If you and your book club could visit the setting of any one of the books that you’ve read—whether it be real or imaginary, past, present, or future—where would it be, and why? And what would you do on your visit? Share with us here.

What do you think? Send an answer to Random House and you may just win a free book. Be sure to post your answer on the blog also!

April 16, 2010

Have You Read Beatrice And Virgil ?

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Every once in a while you read a book that you just have to talk about as soon as you finish. Beatrice and Virgil is one of those books. I was one of the lucky readers to recieved an advance copy of Yann Martel’s new book from Random House Publishing Group.  Martel is also the author of Life Of Pi, another thought provoking book which we read several years ago. I remember reading Life Of Pi, getting to the very end and thinking the exact same thing. Who can I call ? I need to discuss this book right now! If you have read Beatrice and Virgil, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you have not read it…. please do and get back to my ASAP!

March 26, 2010

Another Captivating Read By Yann Martel!

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 I don’t think that I will ever forget Yann Martel’s book Life Of Pi. Afterall, how can you forget the story of Pi Patel, trapped on a life boat with a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. Well, Yan Martel is back and his new book Beatrice and Virgil sounds every bit as intriguing. Bernice and Virgil is the story of an author named Henry and a taxidermist, also named Henry. There is no Bengal Tiger in this book, however there is a donkey named Beatrice and a Howler Monkey named Virgil. Yann’s new novel, originally titled A 20th- Century Shirt and  described as “thought provoking”  will be released this April. I was lucky enough to recieve a prepublicaton edition from Random House and can’t wait to read it. I have a feeling there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye!

February 22, 2010

My surprise package

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When my doorbell rang this afternoon, my first thought was “Now who can that be?”  My dog was barking wildly at the door, and by the time I reached it, I only saw the retreating figure of the UPS man.  A package?  I didn’t remember ordering anything.  The box had a beautiful color picture of two beautiful Chinese women….on closer inspection, it was the cover of a book!  The return address was Random House, Inc.  I must have won one of the book contests that I had entered on line!  I could tell that there was more in the box than just one book.  I anxiously pulled it open.  There was a brand new paperback copy of “Shanghai Girls” by Lisa See.

“Two sisters.  Two cultures.  One life changing secret.” read the outside of the box.

And there was more!  Not only did Random House send me a book that I had wanted to read, but they must really know me, because they also included a whole package of Hershey’s Bliss!

Now, I ask you, what could be better?

February 19, 2010

Random House

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Last Month’s Random House Question was: Has your book club ever had a “bring your husband to your meeting” night? If so, how did that effect your conversation on the book you were discussing? My answer was selected and printed in the Random  House Newsletter! We are famous!  

Susan from Owings Mills, MD:
Every April we have a “couples” meeting. This past year we discussed The White Tiger. We discuss the book and then sit down for  a pot luck dinner at one of our member’s homes. Many of the husbands really look forward to the meeting and we are now planning our 2010 “couples” meeting. We are careful to choose a book that both the men and women will enjoy and our next book is Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It is always amazing to me how much the men get into the discussion. It is nice to hear a different point of view and fun to get to know the husbands.

January 13, 2010

Win Free Books From Random House!

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Philipp Meyer’s AMERICAN RUST is the perfect novel for book clubs, but it’s also the perfect novel for book club members to share with their husbands! Has your book club ever had a “bring your husband to your meeting” night? If so, how did that effect your conversation on the book you were discussing?

Submit your entries to:

Make sure that you include your mailing address so they know where to send the books you win!

November 21, 2009

Win Free Books!!!

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Next Month's Question
What are two books that you would recommend to a friend based on similar themes, topics or writers?

Submit your entries to:

Be sure to include your mailing address! I recently won a book and so can you!

October 19, 2009

I Won A Book From Random House !!!

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41dDbLousOL__SL500_SS100_I am so excited!  I went to the door and found a package from Random House! I won the book The City & The City by China Mieville. Isn’t it funny how happy it makes you when you win something. It almost doesn’t even matter what it is! This book actually looks really good. It is a murder mystery unlike any I have ever read before! I have never read any of Mieville’s books, but I am looking forward to reading this one. Other books by China Mieville are: King Rat, Perdidi Street Station, The Scar, Iron Council, Looking for Jake and Un Lun Dun. If you are interested in learning more about this book check out this Los Angeles Times review!,0,7840180.story

October 8, 2009

Another Chance To Win Free Books!

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Next Month's Question
What prompts you to pick up a book at your local bookstore or library? Cover? Title? Author?

Submit your entries to:

Email your answer along with your name and mailing address and you may win free books! What do you have to lose?

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