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December 27, 2010

Regifting At It’s Best!

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The other day my friend and I had a heated debate (well, perhaps not heated, but definitely a debate) on regifting. The sticky point was whether wrapping and giving someone an item which you had received as  a free gift or bonus gift with a purchase is considered regifting. In my mind, there was no question. This was regifting at it’s best and although it can be a little tricky, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

 An example was when I received a beautiful gift box of Christmas ornaments when I made a purchase  at a local  boutique. Because I do not have a tree to hang them on, I wrapped it and gave it to a friend, who loved the ornaments and immediately put them on her tree.  definitely a case of regifting, but she was happy and I was happy so where is the problem?

 My friend, who received a stuffed animal with a purchase, which she wrapped and gave as a baby gift did not consider this regifting. According to her, she paid for the toy, it was just “included” in her purchase price. The word regifting had a very negative connotation to her. I say this was regifting!

This discussion/debate went on for way too long and we decided to agree to disagree! And just for the record, a few years ago I was the recipient of a regifted gift for Christmas and it was by far my favorite gift that year. It was an adorable desk accessory and is still sitting on my desk thanks to regifting! What are your thoughts on this controversial practice we call regifting?

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