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January 24, 2011

Another Book By Lisa Scottoline: Think Twice

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Because of how much I enjoyed reading Scottoline’s book Look Again, I was really looking  forward to reading her newest book Think Twice. Unfortunately Think Twice did not measure up to Look Again. 

 The protagonist in Think Twice is Bennie Rosato, a single attorney who lives alone with her dog Bear. Bennie also happens to have an identical twin. I remember reading about Bennie and her twin sister Alice years ago in Scottoline’s earlier book Mistaken Identity. Bennie, raised by her single mother as an only child had no idea that she had a twin sister, an identical twin no less.  The first time Bennie met Alice was when she was called in to defend her after being arrested for murdering her boyfriend who just happened to be a policeman.  Alice claimed that she had been framed for murder and Bennie, being the good person she is agreed to defend her. Well, Alice is back and she is even more evil than she was in Mistaken Identity!

 Yes, Think Twice  was a page turner and somewhat entertaining, but a little cliché and predictable. It is the same old story we have read so many times. Identical twins, one good, one evil. Evil twin trades places with good twin etc, etc. Think Twice is a good weekend read, just don’t expect too much.


August 9, 2010

Lisa Scottoline Recommends………..

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 Do you ever wonder what some of your favorite authors are recommending. Here are a few recommendations from Lisa Scottoline, author of Look Again (a great summer read). 

“House Rules” by Jodi Picoult.

“Deliver Us from Evil” by David Baldacci.

 “Still Midnight” by Denise Mina.

“Live to Tell” by Lisa Gardner.

For book recommendations from Paula Froelich and Justin Cronin check this out!

August 2, 2010

Weekend Books

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I just started…. and finished Lisa Scottoline’s novel Look Again. It was recommended by several of our bloggers (thank you Sue and Nancy!) and my daughter just happened to have the book on her shelf. Lucky me! I was looking for something juicy to read over the weekend. I call Look Again a weekend book because it is a quick easy read. Although the end is somewhat predictable, it is a good read and you will not be able to put it down.

Ellen Gleeson is a journalist and a single mother raising a three year old boy, Will whom she had adopted at the age of one and a half.  Ellen saw Will for the first time when she was doing a story in a pediatric cardiac intensive care unit. Will had just had heart surgery and Ellen found herself visiting him daily. She was his only visitor and was told that the baby’s mother was a young single girl who had not visited her son a single time since his surgery. With the help of Will’s caseworker and her attorney, Ellen was able to legally adopt Will.

One morning, while going through her mail, Ellen sees a flyer with the picture of a missing child who looks enough like Will to be his twin. The missing childs name was Timothy and he had been kidnapped! Could her Will be Timothy? Ellen’s wheels start spinning and her journalist instincts kick in. She knows that she has to investigate and find out the truth even if it means she could lose her son. This is a real page turner and you too will be able to finish it in a weekend!

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