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November 11, 2014

The Elephant Whisperer ….In Three Words

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elephantWhen Lawrence Anthony was asked to adopt a herd of wild elephants he had no choice but to accept.These elephants were trouble.The Matriarch was an escape artist and had learned how to unlatch gates and snap electric wires. If he did not give them a home in his reserve these beautiful animals would be shot.

The Elephant Whisperer is an INSPIRING TRUE STORY about the relationship between a man and a rogue herd of elephants.

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

Captivating, educational, heart warming!

It sounds great!

Elephants as pets?

How would you describe The Elephant Whisperer in three words?


October 8, 2014

The House We Grew Up In…………In Three Words

the house - CopyTo say that this month’s book The House We Grew Up In is about One Dysfunctional Family is an understatement.

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

Disturbing, Heartbreaking,Captivating

Gripping, disturbing saga

Real page turner

Everyone has problems…

Family is family

Throw away stuff!

Filling the void

How would you describe The House We grew Up In….In Just Three Words?

September 11, 2014

The Paris Architect………..In Three Words!

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arch - CopyLucien Bernard, a talented young architect doesn’t hate Jews, he is just indifferent to them and their plight.  So when he is offered  a commission to design a hiding place in a posh apartment for a wealthy Jewish man, he is appalled. It was suicide! Why would he put his life in danger for a Jew? But as Lucien looked around the apartment, his head began to spin with ideas. He could do this, he could out smart the Gestapo! Truth be told, he could really use the money, This was a challenge he could not refuse…just this once!

The Paris Architect takes place in 1942 Paris. I chose to listen to this month’s book, and The Paris Architect is a RIVETING AUDIO BOOK!

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

What a concept

Disturbing and Captivating!

Fast informative read

Great historical fiction

Good versus Evil

Outsmarting the gestapo

Thought provoking, informative

Interesting, Intriguing, heartwarming

How would you describe The Paris Architect…..In Only Three Words?

April 11, 2014

The Devil In The White City…In Three Words!

devilThe Devil In The White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America is a combination of both HISTORY AND MYSTERY.

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

Jack The Ripper In Oz

Good and Evil

Excitement , Handsome , Creepy!!

How would you describe The Devil In The White City….In Three Words…..or maybe five?

March 13, 2014

This Month’s Book: Orphan Train….In Three Words

Orphan Train is an Enlightening Historical Fiction based on a little known event in U.S. History. Imagine loading a train full of orphaned and abandoned children from crowded eastern cities and transporting them across the country to be placed in families living in the rural Midwest. This is exactly what The Orphan Train Movement did between 1853 and 1929.


Here is what some of our readers have to say:

Heartwrenching history lesson

Beautifully told story

Loses,resourcefulness, courage

Touching, historic, hopeful

How would you describe Orphan Train……..In three words

January 7, 2014

The Preservationist By Justin Kramon…….In Three Words

The Preservationist - CopyThis month’s book The Preservationist was DARK, CREEPY and oh so TWISTED, but I could not put it down!

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

Real page turner

Frightening love triangle

Every mother’s nightmare…… got that right!!

who to trust?

Nature or nurture?

Fast paced thriller

A heart stopper

different from Finny!!

Compelling riveting unpredictable

How would you describe The Preservationist…in three words?

December 5, 2013

The Husband’s Secret By Liane Moriarty……In Three Words

husbandThe Husband’s Secret focuses on Three Different Women, Cecilia, Tess and Rachel, whose lives are intertwined in a most mysterious way. It is a story about Guilt, Grief and yes.. Secrets!

Here is what some of our bloggers have to say:

Life changing dilemma

Three alternating stories

Betrayal, Heartbreak, Thought-provoking

Men behaving badly

Real page turner


How would you describe The Husband’s Secret….In Three Words?

October 10, 2013

This Month’s Book: The Interestings……In Three Words!

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The Interestings follows Julie Jacobson, Ash Wolf, Goodman Wolf, Ethan Figman, Cathy Kipling and Jonah Bay from those carefree teen years through adult hood.

It is about Friendship, Fate and Loyalty.

Here is what some of our bloggers have to say:

Coming of age


long, slow, boring

would not recommend

Good character development

How would you describe The Interestings…..In Three Words?

July 8, 2013

This Month’s Book: In The Shadow Of The Banyan…………. In Three Words

shadowIn The Shadow of the Banyan is the heart-wrenching account of a young girl and her family living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, who were forced to leave their home and life as they knew it by Khmer Rouge soldiers.

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

 atrocity, perseverance, love

 Khmer Rouge terror

Horror, Courage, Love

beautifully told story

 unbearable, relentless, hopeful

educational, inspirational, lyrical

 cruelty, compassion, survival

And it was also a wonderful discussion book!

How would you describe this month’s book……in three words?

June 10, 2013

This Month’s Book: Me Before You…………In Three Words

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Me befor you This month’s book Me Before You is a Heartwarming And Heartbreaking book.

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

Thought provoking, disturbing.

Emotional Love Story

A must read!

Touching,Sensitive, Sad

How would you describe Me Before You in three words?

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