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February 19, 2011

The Friday Morning Bookclub Gives Heaven’s Keep By William Kent Krueger 2 1/2 Omelets

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Amazon readers gave Heaven’s Keep 4 stars

Barnes and Noble gave Heaven’s Keep 4 1/2 stars

Heaven’s Keep is the 9th book in the Cork O’Connor Mystery series. Although not necessarily a good discussion book, once you start reading Heaven’s keep you will not be able to put it down until you finish. When a small chartered  plane carrying Cork’s wife disappears over the Wyoming Rockies, Cork jumps into action and takes his son with him to investigate. What he finds is lots of questions and few answers. The book is full of twists and turns and if you like mysteries you may want to try the Cork O’Connor series, but perhaps you should start at book #1!


February 14, 2011

Rate The Book: Heaven’s Keep By William Kent Krueger

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Help us rate our books. What did you think of the book?  All votes and comments are welcomed!

February 9, 2011

Meet William Kent Krueger, The Author Of This Month’s Book: Heaven’s Keep

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William Kent Krueger was born in Torrington, Wyoming. He attended Stanford College for one year, but was forced to leave after his involvement in a protest of  the Vietnam war. After getting married and having his first child, Krueger moved to Minnesota so his wife could attend law school.  He began writing short stories, and would walk to the St Clair Broiler, a local cafe each morning to write for a couple of hours before going to his real day job.  William Kent Krueger was 40 years old when  he finished the manuscript of his first novel, Iron Lake and introduced the world to Cork O’Connor. 

Although Krueger is now a full time writer, he still walks to the Broiler every morning to write. He is the author of 11 novels, 10 of which are part of his Cork O’Connor series and has won numerous awards. His favorite authors are  F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

January 15, 2011

Our Dilemma!

At Friday’s meeting there was a discussion similar to this short video. Thank you Eddie for turning my script into a video! So we have a decision to make and we need to make it fast so everyone can start reading. The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks is a fascinating story and one I would definitely recommend reading at some point. Heaven’s Keep is a mystery with lots of twists and turns and everyone in the book club received a copy. The big question is… which one do you want to read for February. Please vote today so we can make a decision as soon as possible! Afterall we have a lot of reading to do!

Hard to believe, but it is a tie! Let’s stick with Heaven’s Keep as that was our original choice for February and we will be sure to read The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks later this year. Thanks for voting!

January 13, 2011

Heaven’s Keep: February’s Book

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In February we are reading the book Heaven’s Keep by William Kent Krueger. Audrey entered one of Book Movement’s contests and was lucky enough to win 15 copies for our book club!  Heaven’s Keep is the 9th book in Krueger’s Cork O’Connor Series.

 Although the reviews say that each book can stand on its own, I thought it might be beneficial to read the first book in the series, Iron Lake and get to know Cork O’Connor the main character in The Cork O’Connor Series. Cork is part Ojibwe Indian, more commonly known as Chippewa,  part Irish and  is an ex Chicago cop with three children. The O’Connor family moved to Aurora, a small town in Minnesota where Cork took a job as sheriff and his wife Jo, a lawyer, became an advocate for Tribal rights. Unfortunately things did not work out as planned and Cork ended up losing his job as sheriff after a man is killed during a disagreement between the Indian and the white towns people. Cork and Jo separate, and although Cork is not ready to give up on his marriage and the idea of providing a stable family for his children he finds himself involved with Molly, a Native American waitress.

 When a young Indian boy disappears and the town’s Judge is found dead, Cork finds himself  in  the middle of the murder investigation.  Iron Lake is a good old fashion mystery with lots of twists and turns. I am looking forward to reading more about the adventures of Cork O’Connor, a likeable character despite his flaws. The second book in the Cork O’Connor series is Boundary Waters.

Join us in reading Heaven’s Keep!

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