Friday Morning Bookclub

December 10, 2013

The Husband’s Secret By Liane Moriarty: A Review By Nancy

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The Friday Morning Bookclub met to discuss The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty.  The book revolves mostly around the lives of 3 women and their families, the roads taken by the choices they and their spouses have made (whether in secret or not), fate, guilt, and the surprise conclusion if only other decisions/actions had been made/taken .
One of the joys of bookclub for me is that hearing other members speak about their thoughts and reactions can often make what I would consider a so-so read a more interesting one. I felt this way about this book.
We asked ourselves if we would open a letter from our husband specifically telling us not to unless he had died, discussed in our own lives what would have happened “if only” -was being delayed that 5 minutes  the reason the accident we just witnessed did not happen to us, the seeming randomness of fate.  We discussed what makes a good mother-in-law…lessons on what not to do are evidenced in the book, and we discussed what if anything should remain secret in a marriage…and the possibility that some of us may want to clean out our memorabilia before our children go looking….

Some of us were a little jaded with the morality of the sins of the father brought to bear on the daughter and the notion that the rosary bead connection was not explored by the police but overall the book was well received and engendered a lively thoughtful discussion.


 And after the discussion, we had a holiday book exchange and everyone went home with something good to read!



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  1. Wonderful~

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