Friday Morning Bookclub

June 26, 2012

Then Came You By Jennifer Weiner

Jules’ life had not been as easy as most of her fellow Princeton classmates would think. Her father a respected teacher had a drinking problem and lost everything when he was found guilty of driving under the influence, his job and his wife. Jules knew that he did not have the money for the intensive rehab therapy he so desperately needed so when the opportunity arose to earn $20,000, she was more than a little tempted. Who knew you could earn that much money as an egg donor?

Annie loved Frank and her two boys but she wanted more out of life. She had married her high school  sweetheart and wasted no time in getting pregnant. If only she had money she could buy nice clothing, take her family on a vacation or even go back to school. When she read that surrogate mothers made $50,000, she thought she had found the answer.  Not only would she make enough money to change her family’s lives, but she could help make another family’s dreams come true.  But how would she get Frank to agree?  Little by little she would make it happen.

India finally had everything she had ever wanted. She had nabbed a rich older husband and although she had initially went after Marcus because of his money, she had actually fallen in love with him. He didn’t know about her sordid past or the fact that she was actually 43, not 38 as she had told him, but none of that seemed to matter anymore.  If only they could have a baby, her future would be secure. Maybe then Marcus’s spoiled children, especially Bettina would leave her alone.

Twenty something Bettina was convinced that her father’s young bride was after one thing. His money. Everything on India looked fake. Her nose, her hair color, her breasts. Bettina was determined to find out the truth and save her father as well as her inheritance.

Then Came You is the story of these four women and the baby that brings all of them together. Although it is definitely Chic Lit it actually brings up some interesting issues. More and more women are putting off having babies until their thirties and forties and are encountering difficulties getting pregnant. We hear the words egg donors, sperm donors, artificial insemination and surrogate thrown around all of the time. There are all kinds of families today. So what makes a parent? Is it the one who donates the egg, the one who donates the sperm, the one who carries the baby or the one who tucks her in at night? Things are not as simple as they once were and the legal ramifications are staggering.

Then came You is a quick, easy, entertaining  read! I always enjoy when an audio book is read by several different people. Each of the women in Then Came You are read by a different narrator making it easy to keep the characters straight. I don’t want to give anything away but…..once in a while it is nice to listen to a happily ever after book!



  1. This sounds very interesting. A friend of mine just had twins due to one of your mentioned scenarios.

    Comment by Resa McConaghy — June 26, 2012 @ 7:33 pm | Reply

    • Hi Resa, It certainly is a new world! I wonder if the number of multiple births has increased because of technology?

      Comment by Susanbright — June 26, 2012 @ 8:58 pm | Reply

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