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March 11, 2012

Guess Where I Am?

Filed under: Literary Tidbits — susanbright @ 6:18 am

When ever I travel, I like to check out the local book store. It took me a while to find one in Barcelona, but after walking up and down the narrow almost alley like streets, while holding on tightly to my pocketbook as I was warned countless times about pick pockets, I came upon a cute little book store. I always enjoy checking out the new book section and seeing what people are reading. Although I recognized many of the names of the authors, I had a more difficult time translating the titles of the books. My years of high school Spanish were little help. Many of the pictures on the covers were also different from what I was familiar with which certainly makes sense as they are trying to appeal to a totally different customer.

Check this one out for instance. It is by Stieg Larrson and is the second book in the Millenium Trilogy. La Chica Que Sanaba con una Cerilla y un Bidon de Gasolina. I knew that it had to be The Girl Who Played With Fire, although the book looks nothing like the book sitting on my shelf at home and I have no idea where the word gasoline fits in.

This next one was quite easy and also happens to be a great book! Yes! World Without End. Sequel to Pillars of the Earth.

Fortunately I brought my Kindle with me or I would have been in big trouble! I think I am going to put my feet up and read for a while. Nothing on tv to watch, as that too is in Spanish. After a long day of sight-seeing as well as eating at the local Pintxos bar, I am beat!


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