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October 29, 2011

One For The Money By Janet Evanovich

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For years I have been hearing about Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series but had never picked one up. Since I am still in my mystery phase, I decided to give one a try and picked up One For The Money. the first in the series, which was  published way back in 1994. I decided to go the audio route and this one turned out to be a mere 3 discs… a very quick listen!

When Stephanie Plum lost her job as a lingerie buyer she was desperate! She was out of money, lost her car, was forced to sell her furniture and was in danger of losing her apartment. To make matters worse she was finding herself eating dinner at her parents home more and more just to get a free meal.

When Stephanie seeks out her Uncle Vinnie, a bail bondsman in hopes of getting a filing job, she manages to walk away with a much more interesting job title… an “apprehension agent” also known as a bounty hunter. How hard could it be! She was desperate and all she had to do was bring in Joe Morelli, a former cop, accused of murder and she would be TEN THOUSAND dollars richer! It just happened that Stephanie and Morelli had a history. Not only was he a former classmate but he was also the first “boy”  Stephanie had a sexual encounter with at the age of 16.

At times One For The Money was  laugh out loud funny and yes it was entertaining. One For The Money was read by actress Lori Petty who also starred in A League Of her Own and Free Willy.  At first I found the voice annoying ,but quickly got used to it and began to associate the voice with the character of Stephanie Plum.  I was surprised when I noticed that the second book Two For The Dough was read by a different actress. I am definitely going to give Two For The Dough and Stephanie’s new voice a try.

Are there any Stephanie Plum fans out there?



  1. Love Stephanie! At first I thought this is too too dumb, I can’t stand a heroine that makes so many mistakes………..but (and it’s a BIG but) I laugh out loud so often that I couldn’t help but love Evanovich’s great descriptions and totally insane characters…….she’s almost a kind gentle Tim Dorsey. I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out……..I’m on #13 now. Read a ‘heavy’ book, read Stephanie. Feel depressed, read Stephanie. Don’t feel like cleaning, read Stephanie.

    I also recently read 2 Stephanie wanna-be authors……….so disappointed, neither one came close. “Nearly Departed” (Deadwood series) by Ann Charles and “I, Spy?” (Sophie Green series) by Kate Johnson………didn’t like either one (but they were free on my Kindle).

    Comment by bisquick1 — October 30, 2011 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

    • Thanks Bisquick 1! That is just what I needed to hear. I also enjoy throwing in a funny or easy read inbetween all of the more serious books. I enjoyed listening to One for the money… that way I got to “read” while I clean! Sarah Addison Allen’s books are also good books to read when you don’t feel like cleaning!

      Comment by susanbright — October 30, 2011 @ 5:45 pm | Reply

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