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October 13, 2011

Do You Remember “The Snakes”?

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 It is all coming back to me. The reason I STOPPED reading James Patterson’s books! 

I read about Castillo’s Kate Burkholder series on one of the book blogs I follow.  It was actually listed under best mystery series, so I decided to do it right and start with the first book, Sworn To Silence. The Protagonist, Kate Burkholder grew up in a Amish family in the small town of Painters Mill, Ohio.  Unlike most of the people she grew up with, Kate chose to leave the Amish community, only to return years later as the new Chief of Police.

I popped in the first disk and began to listen. The prologue tells of a 21-year-old girl, arms bound, hoarse from screaming, lying naked on a cold concrete floor, waiting for “the monster’s return”.   I resisted the urge to turn it off. After all, it got such good reviews and I hadn’t even gotten to chapter one!  Next she started to talk about the knife the monster used on her, and then the electrical prod. I should have turned it off right then and there, but no, surely it would get better. One more disk, I told myself. At the beginning of disk 2, when  the coroner uttered the words “lubricated condom”, I pushed the stop button for good. I don’t care how good the mystery series was, it was not for me.

I was reminded of why I stopped reading James Patterson’s books so many years ago. There was a time when I couldn’t wait to read one of Patterson’s Alex Cross books. Then I read Kiss The Girls. Although it has to have been at least 15 years since I read that book, I will never forget the horrible snake scene.  I cannot believe that anyone who read Kiss The Girls, could ever forget that scene where a young women was tied up, sexually molested and tortured using snakes among other things.  I was haunted by that book for years. I avoided murder mysteries and turned to historical fiction, biographies and romances. Anything but gruesome murder mysteries.

James Patterson’s book, Kiss the Girls was a best seller and was made into a movie. Perhaps Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder series is equally as good, but I for one am not about to find out! Do you remember the snake scene?


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