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August 1, 2011

Three Weeks To Say Goodbye By C.J.Box

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The title of this book jumped out at me. I was looking for a good audio book. Nothing too deep or too long. I just wanted an entertaining story to listen to in the car fifteen minutes or so at a time. Three Weeks To Say Goodbye was described as an “edge of your seat read”,  just what I was   looking for and it started off really good.

Jack and Melissa McGuane are happily married and after years of trying to have a baby, they adopt Angelina. Melissa is  a stay at home mom and they had never been happier.  When  Jack receives a phone call from the adoption agency informing him that there was a problem with the adoption, the couple are devastated. How could this happen? They had done everything right and the birth mother had chosen them herself. It had been nine months since the adoption! They were shocked to find out that the birth father had never signed away his parental rights and now he wanted to take the baby away from them. To make matters worse the birth father was the son of a powerful judge who was used to getting his way. 

After meeting with the Garrett the birth father, who was still in high school and his father the judge, and trying to reason with them, Jack and Melissa realize that they were fighting a loosing battle. As hard as it was to believe, the law was not on their side and they were given three weeks to prepare and say good-bye to the baby they had grown to love. The Judge assured them that he would assist them in adopting another baby, as if that could possibly make giving up Angelina any easier.

The more they got to know Garrett, the more disturbed they were. There was something sinister about this boy and they could not imagine why he would want Angelina. He did not even look at her and nothing seemed to make any sense.

Yes, this was an exciting story and I couldn’t wait to get back in the car to see what would happen next!  Jack turned to his high school friends Cody, a police officer and Brian a successful business man for help.   Here is where the story began to spin out of control.  Of course I would expect a parent to do what ever they could to keep someone from taking away their child but some of their actions were a little hard to believe. As far as the actions of Cody and some of the other policemen involved, I couldn’t help but to think about the O.J. case or more recently the Casey Anthony case. Can we really believe what the policemen, attorneys and even judges tell us?  

Three Weeks To Say Goodbye was certainly an entertaining audio book. It would make a thrilling movie, although it would be rated R for violence. C.J. Box has written over 13 novels.


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