Friday Morning Bookclub

July 18, 2011

The American Heiress

Last week we met to discuss the audio book The American Heiress. There were only 4 of us! Very unusual for our group, however summer meetings have been notoriously small. In fact we are just going to skip August’s meeting and meet up again in September after everyone has recuperated from their summer vacations.

The American Heiress was a light, pleasant read. A perfect beach read!  We couldn’t help but wonder if wealthy women like Mrs. Cash  living in the 1890’s actually wore costumes wired with thousands of tiny light bulbs so that they would illuminates at the push of a button! Did they really release hummingbirds that were hand painted gold at their parties? And what about the table decorations? Did they actually put sand on the tables and scatter precious stones so that the guests could take the silver shovels sitting by their place setting and “dig” for jewels? Yes the Cash’s were wealthy and proud of it!

Together Cora and her mother travel abroad to find  Cora a suitable husband and before long she finds herself married to Ivo, the most eligible bachelor in England. This is definitely not a marriage made in heaven!    

We ended up talking more about the audio book experience than the story itself. It was a first for one of our members and it was a good experience and one that she would do again. We agreed that it was possible to “read” two books at the same time this way.  One audio and one written book. The experiences were different enough that it was not confusing as it is when you read two different books at the same time (something I have never been able to do). I was pleased to find out that I am not the only one hooked on audio books!

Here are a few of the comments that I received via email from some of our members:

Just for the record, I loved the book and I really enjoyed listening to it.

This is a new experience for me and so far so good

Just thought I would let the group know, that I too have been listening…. usually when I walk in the mornings…. This morning I came in and kept the earphones in, while I emptied the dishwasher, started the laundry, watered the plants etc…. In other words, I have been drawn right in.  I like the reader’s voice and her different intonations and slight changes of accents etc. And am finding that she reads the descriptions so clearly and in such an animated way, that I can really visualize what the author wrote.So, I for one am enjoying this book and especially enjoying listening to it… I need to think of more times when I can put the earphones in… can’t wait for our upcoming trip when I will have to be sitting in the plane for a long uninterrupted period.

I struggled thru all those cds…..i’m going on record as greatly
preferring books to cds.

i’m loving the audio…we’re using it like a bedtime story! I can’t be at bookclub tomorrow, we’re going away for a long weekend. but I love the story!

 I finished The American Heiress on the way up to see my son and, like you, I was in a panic to think that I had no book to listen to on the way home. I had to settle for music!

I have not listened to the radio in my car for weeks! Too busy listening to books. I think that I will hop in my car and take a short drive……I wish that I had some place I had to go!


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