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April 28, 2011

The Peach Keeper By Sarah Addison Allen

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Sarah Addison Allen has a knack for writing one delightful novel after another, and The Peach Keeper is no exception.

Willa Jackson, Paxton and Colin Osgood and Sebastian Rogers,  all  grew up in the small town of Walls of Water and went to the same school, however they couldn’t have been more different. Willa was known for her practical jokes, Paxton and her twin brother Collin were the beautiful, popular kids in school, and Sebastian was the “effeminate kid “, an outsider, who everyone assumed was gay.

Fast forward…….Willa runs a small store which sells organic sportswear. Paxton lives in the pool house on her parent’s estate and is active in the Women’s Society Club. Colin is a landscape architect and is in town helping with the renovations of the Madam a grande home which was originally built and owned by Willa’s Great Great Grandfather and Sebastian has recently moved back to town to take over his father’s dental practice.

The Women’s Society Gala which was to be held in the newly renovated Blue Ridge Madam was only weeks away. Paxton had just mailed the invitations and “the single-card invitations themselves seemed to hide and pop back up at random. Mrs. Jameson’s invitation disappeared for two days, then reappeared in a bird’s nest outside. Harper Rowley’s invitation was found in the church bell tower, Mr. Kingsley’s in his elderly mother’s garden shed.” 

The Peach Keeper is a story about unlikely friendships, and yes there is magic! I was excited to see the return of Clara Waverly, a colorful character from one of my favorite Sarah Addison Allen books , Garden Spells. Unlike her previous books, The Peach Keeper is also a murder mystery.  Although the magic is more subtle in this book than some of the others and I would not have minded a little more of it, The Peach Keeper was an entertaining read and a welcomed break from last month’s more serious book Unbroken!


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