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February 4, 2011

Homer’s Odyssey: A Review By Bonnie

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I have always been an animal lover, from the carnival goldfish which miraculously lasted 2 years, then Manny the hamster who was left in the care of a neighbor during our summer vacation in the catskills. He had 4 babies 2 weeks later to the puzzlement of my older brother. It was when I was an adult that I was told the neighbor found the unresponsive hamster and replaced him so I would not be upset, not knowing the new hamster was a pregnant female. Then at 7 years old my parents weekly trip to the friut stand on Liberty & Old Court will always be special because the owner told me to look at the kittens in the back room. Of course the sweet furry calico came home with me and we named her “Peaches”.

A squirrel monkey, 2 Afghan Hound dogs and 5 cats later is when Susan handed me “Homer’s Odyssey” a book about a blind cat.

I thought it would be sad but to my delight it was a joy to read. This little blind black cat had so much personality, love and enthusiasm for life that he was inspirational to everyone who met him and me. Gwen, the single woman who adopted Homer to live with her other 2 cats had a life we can all relate to until she met the one who could complete her little family. It had the right mix to create an engaging story.

 Anyone who loves cats will certainly adore this book as much as I did! Thanks Susan.

And thank you, Bonnie, for reading and reviewing Gwen Cooper’s feline memoir!



Gwen and Homer


10% of all Gwen’s domestic royalties from Homer’s Odyssey will be donated to organizations that serve abused, abandoned, and disabled animals, including Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.



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  1. Bonnie, that was a great review! I really enjoyed reading it!

    Comment by Esther — February 6, 2011 @ 11:56 pm | Reply

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