Friday Morning Bookclub

January 16, 2011

Justin Kramon & Finny Fan Club

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When I read a “good” book, my current life is suspended. I live with the characters in the world created by the author. I talk to them, get mad at them, feel their sorrows and joy. This was my experience with Finny. The exasperation of a five-hour plane delay became an opportunity to experience the headiness of a first kiss, the puzzlement of alien parents, the resignation to thwarted desires, the sickening of betrayal, the utter joy and, latter, caution of loving.

Our Friday Morning Bookclub was especially fortunate to host the author, Justin Kramon, and learn how Finny and the “Dickens-like” crew of characters in Finny evolved. Warm and utterly unassuming, Justin shared with us how he leaves room for the reader to interpret and add their own feelings to those he develops in the story. This, I believe, is part of the “good” book magic that makes me want to keep turning pages and tune out the outside world. Justin seemed genuinely interested in drawing out and understanding our different interpretations.

Although this is his first novel and he’s relatively young, Justin talked and answered questions about the process of writing with a thoughtfulness that bespoke of a “comfortableness in his own skin”… the coming of age that he so eloquently writes about from a feminine perspective in Finny. While I always love bookclub, Susan’s hospitality, the yummy food, and having Justin meet with us (as well as the many friends of book club members who also attended) added a wonderful depth and richness to our meeting.  To learn more Finny and Justin, visit

Thanks for sharing with us Justin!


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