Friday Morning Bookclub

January 14, 2011


Filed under: Book Recomendations,Freedom — Esther @ 8:10 am

I didn’t want to read just any book for my first book of 2011.  Number one on numerous “Best of 2010” lists was Jonathan Franzen’s novel, “Freedom”.  That was my choice.

“Freedom” is a sweeping novel, the saga of the Berglund’s, a modern American family living in the Midwest.  Although sometimes I felt that it was a bit wordy, I was totally caught up in the lives of Patty and Walter, their children, their friends.  I can’t say that I particularly liked the characters.  I thought that their values were a little twisted.  I thought that some of their choices were stupid.  I liked the way that the author used the events of the recent world as the background of this family’s story.  It was really a fascinating book,with a lot of layers.  This would make a great discussion book!

Has anyone else read this?  What did you think?



  1. I didn’t care for Corrections…in fact I can’t even remember what is about so that should say it all. I have not even had the desire to read Freedom.
    But I am now interested in what “the Friday Morning Book Clubbers” have to say as most of the books you read and enjoy I do too.
    Looking forward to more comments!

    Comment by Mona — January 14, 2011 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  2. Mona, I am with you. I really did not like The Corrections and therefore was not planning to read Freedom. I may have to reconsider my decision.

    Comment by susanbright — January 14, 2011 @ 9:57 am | Reply

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