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January 3, 2011

My New Year’s Resolution

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Every year I make the same New Years resolution, with little success. This year is going to be different. I AM going to exercise more and try to give up some of the junk food that I crave. How hard can it be to exercise a few days a week? After all the elliptical is right in my basement. All I have to do is walk down one set of steps and it only takes about 35 minutes. Why then does it seem like an eternity and do I dread it sooo much? I hate those people who say that they love exercising and that they feel really good after they finish! I feel really good after eating a chocolate bar! Any words of wisdom?


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  1. My wise word is CONSISTENCY. Try to do the elliptical at the same time of day on the days you exercise. If it’s 9:00 a.m., then stick to it. It’s easier for it to become a habit that way. When you choose the time randomly, you’ll get random results. Good luck. My under-used elliptical says hi to yours.

    Comment by Laura — January 3, 2011 @ 2:41 pm | Reply

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