Friday Morning Bookclub

December 13, 2010

2010: A Review

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The Friday Morning  Bookclub has had an exciting year. We have met 12 times this year and have read a diverse genre of books. We have gone to the movies  several times to see some of our books on the big screen,  attended a book fair in Gaithersburg and  have shared ideas with people from all over the world via our blog.

For years we have talked about reading one of the classics and this year we actually did. Pride and Prejudice was the perfect choice. Although a little harder to read than some of our more contemporary novels it was well worth the effort and is on my list of all time favorite books. 

After winning 15 free copies of The Memory Thief, we enjoyed a phone chat with the author Rachel Keener, another first for us! We all agreed that we liked the book even better after hearing about Keener’s background and listening to her perspective on the story.

We invited out husbands to read and discuss the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a book all the men seemed to enjoy over a delicious potluck dinner. This has become a tradition and we are in the process of selecting a book for this years “couples” meeting.

Although we have read many wonderful books, there is always someone who just doesn’t love the book. This year we had our first 5 omelet book. Everyone that voted agreed that The Linnet Bird by Linda Holeman deserved 5 omelets.

We have been searching for a way to give back and this year The Friday Morning Bookclub is sponsoring a child through the Reach Out and Read Military Program.

It has been a wonderful year and Justin Kramon will be joining us at our first meeting of 2011 to discuss his book Finny. We hope you join us for another exciting year!


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