Friday Morning Bookclub

November 3, 2010

My problem with Eat, Pray, Love

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The Friday Morning book club read the memoir Eat, Pray, Love several years ago, prior to my becoming a member.  I had resisted reading the book, because it did not seem like the kind of thing that I would enjoy, but several months ago, faced with a long, solitary drive to New Jersey, I checked out the book on tape, to listen to during my drive.  I did not love the book.  First of all, I will say that I did enjoy the first part of the book – where Liz Gilbert travels to Italy.  I am an “Italophile”.  I love Italy.  I love Italian food.  I love the Italian language.  This part of the book was right up my alley.  The second part of the book, where she travels to India, was a real bore for me.  This was the part of the book on tape where my mind wandered, where I enjoyed the scenery as I drove (the new Jersey turnpike?????).  I have never had any desire to visit India, and I never will.  The third part of the book, Liz’s visit to Bali, was fun to listen to.  There was more of a story line here.  Her romance with Felipe.  The saga of Wayan and the search for a home.  The book as a whole was a disappointment for me.  The reason – I realized that I did not like the way that Elizabeth Gilbert, the author, came across.  I felt that she was a little full of herself.  After seeing the movie, although I loved Julia Roberts, I came away feeling the same.  All in all, I have to say, this wasn’t one of my favorite books.


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