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October 13, 2010

My Name is Mary Sutter: A Review By Bonnie

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            My Name is Mary Sutter is a story of one woman’s determination. A young woman, named Mary Sutter, her twin sister and their brother grew up around the time of the Civil War in America.  Mary followed in her mother’s footsteps becoming a midwife but was not content with this. She wanted to become a surgeon at a time when there were no woman doctors. She applied to Medical School and was rejected so she questioned a surgeon about interning with him so she could learn and again, the answer was no. Mary traveled to Washington from Buffalo to work as a nurse in the war. She started at the bottom, scrubbing floors, moving up to bandaging wounds, then to assisting with amputations. There were so many horrific injuries that eventually Mary had to begin performing amputations on her own to save soldiers’ lives. After gaining much respect in the medical field she finally was admitted to Medical School and became the doctor she always wanted to become.
           Mary was unlucky in love, which took a back seat to her intense love of medicine and only after obtaining her goal did, she at last find love with the very doctor she had worked so closely with during the war. This was an interesting  book about family dynamics, the liberation of women’s rights and romantic love all in one story.


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