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August 23, 2010

My Blog- Blind Date

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The other day I went on my very first blog- blind date. Well, perhaps not exactly a date, but definitely blind! Lois has been a Friday Morning Bookclub Blogger almost from the blogs inception. She learned about our blog through her daughter, who learned about it through my son. Isn’t it wonderful when your children take half an interest in what you do!  Lois has frequently commented on the blog and has given us numerous book recommendations. We have sent messages back and forth via the blog and decided that it would be fun to meet in person.  So we exchanged cell phone numbers incase we had trouble recognizing one another, and planned to meet at Barnes and Noble. Finding each other was not a problem, as we both had the same hmmmmm, which one is she look on our face. Lois and I talked for an hour about books, life and everything in between. I have a new friend! Thank you Friday Morning Bookclub and thank you Lois!


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  1. I was honored to be Susan’s first blog blind date. Although many people feel that blogs are an impersonal form of communication, I think that we have the opportunity to make connections with many interesting people through our Friday Morning Book Club comments. I am so glad that I met Susan and got to put a face with my impressions of her from the blog. I bet that those of us who love books and enjoy this blog really have a lot in common. I am glad that we have shared with each other and I always look forward to reading all of your thoughts. Thanks, Susan, for the time you devote to the blog—and for taking the time to meet one of your blog fans!


    Comment by Lois Rothberg — August 23, 2010 @ 8:34 pm | Reply

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