Friday Morning Bookclub

July 13, 2010

Audrey’s Friday Morning Bookclub Cross Word Puzzle

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Help solve the puzzle. If you know an answer, let us know and I will fill it in for you!

1               2   3
8             9
    10L   11  
12T  H  E  F  I  S  H  I  N  G  F  L  E  E  T
13E  H    B      
 L 14  E 15R  E  P  L  A  Y    
 I    N  T      
 Z    A 16L  H      
 A    M  E 17O      
 B    E  P  L      
18  E        S      R    I      
 T    A  O  V    
 H    K 19I  S  R  A  E  L    
   E  Y
1. Sisters August, May, and June’s last name
5. Sunderland, England circa 1831
7. The President in this novel avoided becoming a hostage when he stayed home to watch his favorite
8. Story about a middle aged man who has a sexual relationship with a 12 year old girl
12. Linny Gow sails to India on a vessel tagged “_______________”
15. 43 year old dies and wakes up as an 18 year old
18. A birthing center for Aryan children
19. Where Ann and Hal honeymooned
2. Behrani and Kathy
3. Born a twin in 1957 and afflicted with hyrocephalus
4. Author Tracy ____________
6. Susan’s new puppy
9. James Island is in this state
10. She’s a computer hacker
11. A small private school in Vermont
12. Newlyweds Ashoke and Ashami
13. Julia Roberts will portray her
14. The Lone Eagle
16. Another name for Hansen’s disease
17. _____________ Kitteridge


  1. 17 down is Olive, 13 down Julie Roberts portrays Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray and Love.

    Comment by Linda Marano — August 4, 2010 @ 9:41 am | Reply

  2. Linda, Thank you for helping us with the crossword puzzle. I filled in the answers for you!

    Comment by susanbright — August 4, 2010 @ 10:15 am | Reply

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