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May 21, 2010

The Memory Thief In Review!

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In May we had our first official author chat! Thank you Bonnie,for the following review of the meeting.

 It was a special treat to converse live with the author of our May book. Rachel Keener, author of The Memory Thief called in to discuss and answer questions about her 2nd novel.  Our group seemed very interested in her Holy Roller aspect of this story and as we all suspected, her grandmother was a religious zealot and her father was a Preacher. She also informed us that she lived in Coal Mining Country and gathered much of her inspiration from the poverty and neglect she witnessed around her. We all decided we disliked the mother in this novel, yet felt compassion for the father and future husband. We never did ask the author about her relationship with her own mother, which would have been interesting to know. Everyone enjoyed the novel even more after speaking to Rachel and learning about the process she went thru in writing this story. Thank you to Esther for hosting our meeting and supplying a lovely breakfast of bagels,scones, fruit and drinks!  I think it would be a fun twist to meet with another Book Club for one of our next meetings.


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