Friday Morning Bookclub

March 21, 2010

Lisa See Is back!

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I just finished reading Lisa See’s latest book Shangai Girls. Lisa See is the author of Snowflower And The Secret Fan, a book club favorite as well as Peony In Love. Shanghai Girls is the story of Pearl and May Chin, two sisters living  the good life in Shanghai and working as “Beautiful Girls”,  models for  Chinese calendars. When their father gambles away the family money the sister are forced into arranged marriages and move to Los Angeles to live with their new husbands. Shanghai Girls is the story of two sisters, loyalty, secrets, betrayal and love. Another fascinating read by Lisa See.

Lisa See grew up in Los Angeles. Her Great Grandfather Fong See, left his village in  China for California in 1871 and married her Great Grandmother when it was still illegal for Chinese and Caucasians to marry. The couple had an attorney draw up a marriage contract and had five children. Wong See had 4 wives in his lifetime.  He was the first Chinese person in America to own a car. Lisa See’s book On Gold Mountain: The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey Of My Chinese American Family was published in 1996.


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