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January 16, 2010

A Change in Altitude

Filed under: Book Recomendations,Literary Tidbits — Esther @ 3:20 pm

I just finished reading Anita Shreve’s latest novel, “A Change in Altitude”.  The setting of this book is Kenya, and the descriptions of Africa were very similar to those that we read of in “Wildflower”.  After reading both of these books, I am convinced that Africa must be a breathtakingly beautiful country. I’m also convinced that it is not an easy place in which to live.  It almost sounds as if danger lurks at every corner.  “A Change in Altitude” is the story of a young American couple who move to Kenya for a year so that the husband, a doctor, can work and do research.  His wife is a photographer, and views much of her surroundings through the lens of a camera.  It is the story of how a single, tragic event can effect a relationship.  The pivotal event of the tale is that of climbing Mt. Kenya.  Mountain climbing is a deadly, arduous effort, and as I read the description I kept saying to myself “No way would I ever do that”!  I have always liked the way that Anita Shreve writes, and I have read most of her books.  Fans of the author won’t be disappointed in this novel.  I found it to be quite a page turner!


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