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January 2, 2010

To Read Or Not To Read Pride And Prejudice

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In all the years our book club has been meeting this is the first time I have heard so many of our members say that not only were they having a hard time getting into this book, but they had actually given up and moved on to the next book! It is also the first time we have read one of the classics. I too was finding it difficult to read at first as the language does take some getting used to. It was like being back in school and doing homework! Last night I boarded an airplane to Florida with  my copy of Pride and Prejudice in my hand, determined to read for two hours straight and that is exactly what I did. I read the entire time, stopping only for the brief interuptions from the pilot as to the altitude we were flying, or warning us about the upcoming turbulence. Now, I cannot put this book down! I can hardly wait to see what happens between Lizzy and Mr Darcy.  And what about Mr Wickham? What is the real story with Mr Wickam and Mr Darcy? Then there is poor sweet Jane. Did Mr Bingley really leave her, never to return? And how would you like to have a mother like Mrs. Bennet?  Can you believe that Mr Collins turned around and asked his Cousin Elizabeth’s best friend to marry him only days after she turned him down herself? How can you not love this book?  I only hope that I am not the only one to read it, as I can hardly wait to discuss it with SOMEONE!


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