Friday Morning Bookclub

December 1, 2009

“The Memoir Boom”

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It seems that everyone is writing them today. I know that the Friday Morning Bookclub has read several memoirs.  So what are they, fiction or non fiction? How much is true and how much is an exaggeration of the truth?  How much do you actually remember from your childhood? I am embarrassed to say that I remember very little. A lot of my memories are from stories I have been told or pictures I have seen in a family photo album. I guess I will not be writing my memoir anytime soon! Check out his interesting Washington Post article about the book Memoir A History by Ben Yagoda.



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  1. This post has had my head swimming. I cannot imagine writing a memoir that was fiction. What would be the point? I always believed putting your personal journey on paper for the world to read had better be because you had something to offer. Something to reach out with and help others. Call me crazy but I cannot imagine all the memoirs I have read to be made up stories. I know from a personal standpoint writing a memoir was an emotional upheaval I would dare to do but once in my life. My reasons were purely for reaching out to others. There were so many times in my life I wanted someone to understand what I was going through without making me wrong, bad, or the pathetic victim. I wanted to share because sharing has always made life easier. This question will haunt me, so I will research the memoirs I have read and find the answers I need. Great post!


    author of STAND

    Comment by dwilli56 — December 3, 2009 @ 10:06 pm | Reply

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